sheffsfic (sheffsfic) wrote,

Watson's Woes July Challenge: Master List

Here are the fics I wrote for the July prompting challenge on the Watson's Woes community.

1. Scratch Prompt #1: ’Tis But a Scratch

2. Twenty seven thousand and rising  Prompt #2: Roll The Dice

3. Moving  Prompt #3: A cardboard box

4. Apocalypse  Prompt #4: Horsemen of the Apocalypse

5. The Tache  Prompt #5: A False Moustache

6. Dinner Invitation  Prompt #6: Food, Glorious Food

7. Epidemic  Prompt #7: Epidemic

8. Living in the future  Prompt #8: The Wonder of the Age

9. Test subjects  Prompt #9: "Please stop petting the test subjects."

10. Higher Power  Prompt #10: A higher power

11. The Soldier, the Lion-headed man and the man with the Head of a Bull  Prompt# 11: Threesome

12. Syndexioi  Prompt #14: Rehabilitation/Recovery

13. Handwritten  Prompt #18: Handwritten

14. R is for...  Prompt #19: Great Minds Think Alike: AU with alien crime

15. Mine  Prompt 21: (21 song salute) You Will Be Mine

16. Thx 4 Nothing Prompt 27: Thx 4 Nothing

Go, me!
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